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The Extreme is an excellent mid-range general use gel seat cushion suitable for multiple uses in the home, office and vehicle.

Measuring approximately 17.25" x 15.25" x 2" it comes in a washable fabric cover with a built in carry handle. Made in the USA from 100% Wondergel, which is the most advanced cushioning material available today. Made from an ultra-modern co-polymer, Wondergel provides comfortable support while eliminating pressure points. This lets you sit hours longer in comfort.

 Long-lasting and highly durable Wondergel will never take a compression set, which means it will never lose its softness, its support, go flat or indent. Tested over many years of continual use this cushion will last for years.

See the video on why the column buckling gel principle works so well.

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  • Full 2" of extra plush supportive Wondergel (also known as Intelli-gel)
  • Uses patented "column buckling" cushioning principle - no push back
  • Highly durable - never materially softens or takes a compression set (keeps its shape)
  • For people requiring serious comfort and sitting pain relief without pressure.
  • 16" x 18" all Wondergel with black fabric washable cover
  • A most uniquely comfortable sitting experience

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