Lumbar strain - causes and treatment

Lumbar strain is a stretch injury to the ligaments, tendons, and/or muscles of the low back resulting in tissue tears of varying degrees.  It is the most common cause of lower back pain and most often occurs in people in their 40s.   It can be caused by lifting improperly, overuse, sports injuries and other reasons.

The treatment of lumbar strain consists of resting the back (to avoid re-injury), medications to relieve pain and muscle spasm, local heat applications, massage and rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the low back and abdominal muscles.

Initial treatment for minor lumbar strain might include heat application, and the use of “over the counter” pain relievers such as Tylenol and Advil etc. And, of course, rest to protect from further injury.

Further injury is also avoided by employing back-protection techniques during activities and third party support devices as needed at home or work, depending on your situation. An effective support devise is the Miracle Cushion Multi-purpose Lumbar and Neck Support cushion. This cushion uses “column buckling” technology to provide a surprisingly comfortable cushioning lumbar support.  It molds very nicely between patient and seat / chair to provide very soft but fully supportive cushioning. Lower back pain can be greatly reduced during the healing cycle. The continued use of the cushion provides for reducing further injury.

Miracle Cushion
Miracle Cushion


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