Even airline pilots don't get first class seats!

You would think that the guy sitting in the pointy end of the aircraft would get a really comfortable seat to sit in. Apparently not!  The word seems to be getting around that the Miracle Cushions are great for airline captains and co-pilots. Even sitting in what could be termed a comfortable chair can get very uncomfortable sitting for long periods. Especially international pilots who may have to sit in their seat for long stretches. I have been surprised how many purchases have been made by both domestic and international airline pilots. The last one being a Delta captain who flies regularly from Dallas to Sydney. That's around a 15 to 16 hour flight. Admittedly they get to rotate shifts but they still sit for long hours. That can get pretty tiring and uncomfortable. They seem to love the Traveler, which is one of our smaller gel seat cushions. It's light weight and portable and easily slips in their carry-on and does not lift them too high in the seat. Comments range from "just about perfect" to "it really makes my job easier".  Buy Traveler here.



Miracle Cushion
Miracle Cushion


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