Seat Cushion Helps Old Timers Back Pain

I had a call from a lady the other day. She had recently bought two different types of seat cushions from us to see which one helped her elderly and infirm Dad. When she received them she selected the one she wanted and asked if she could send the other one back. But then she called me again the next day and said there was no way she was sending back the second cushion. She was thrilled! Her dad had been experiencing lots of back pain in his chair for quite a long time. Nothing seemed to help even though she had tried many cushions from other leading brands. So she was inspired to put the second cushion behind his back! Voila! No more back pain. The daughter was thrilled and called me to tell me she was so happy her Dad was comfortable for the first time in a very long time and that they would be keeping the second cushion.

I love to hear these stories about how our cushions help people so much. It makes my day.

Miracle Cushion
Miracle Cushion


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