Miracle Cushion Gel Cushions Change Lives

A young woman emailed me last week with a very sad story. Three years ago she developed a serious back condition which has changed her life, and that of her young family, completely. She told me that has been using one of our gel seat cushions and finding life changing relief. This is what she said.......

"I take very high doses of pain medication three times per day just to keep me from excruciating pain. I have been bedridden for two years and I'm only 30 years old and we have a 7 year old daughter. She and my husband have suffered immensely due to my condition. I have lost all quality of life, my dignity, and independence. I went from a career as a police officer to bedridden and unable to walk without assistance in the course of three years. As you can imagine, it has rocked my world. Your product allows me to get out of the house for more than doctors appointments. Even one outing a week has increased my quality of life exponentially. Thank you for changing my life". 

The right cushioning can help people in difficult circumstances remarkably. We are always very gratified to hear these stories. Not the part where people are ill and suffering, of course, but the part where we can help them find relief and improve their quality of life. It's what we are here for!

Miracle Cushion
Miracle Cushion


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