Cancer Sufferers helped with the Maxima

I received a communication today from a woman whose father is suffering from terminal cancer. She explained that her Dad has lost a great deal of weight and is very light and frail. As his primary carer she wanted to make sure that whatever she was doing for her Dad was the best thing possible. She needed to help him be more comfortable while he was sitting. This reminded me that we have quite a few cushions in use in this type of situation. We have found that the best cushion for lightweight folks is the Miracle Cushion Maxima. Particularly if they have serious pain issues. The Miracle Cushion Maxima provides a high level of very soft feeling comfort but has great support as well. In a situation like this the Maxima would be one of my first recommendations. I am always happy to take direct calls from people who need to discuss their sitting pain issues and recommend what I think would work best. Buy the Maxima here.
Miracle Cushion
Miracle Cushion


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