Coccyx pain can make life a misery.

Coccyx pain, more commonly called "tailbone pain" can be frustrating and can significantly impair quality of life. Tailbone pain, while sitting, can be anywhere between mild and irritating to extremely painful, causing misery and distress. How many times, or hours, do we sit each day? 

Tailbone pain occurs in or around the bony structure, the coccyx, at the bottom of the spine. It can be caused by trauma such as a fall, sports that put pressure on the coccyx, or even prolonged sitting on a hard surface. Or it can be caused simply by age, due to degenerative joint changes. Women can also experience a painful coccyx following natural childbirth.

Tailbone pain often does not need to be specifically treated and usually goes away on its own. This can take a few weeks or even months. 

There are some easy solutions to relieve the discomfort and assist the healing. 

  • Lean forward somewhat while sitting 
  • Apply heat or ice 
  • Use off the shelf pain relief such as Advil
  • Use a cushion designed to reduce pressure

If you have tried these things and , over time, your tailbone pain doesn't improve it would be wise to consult your primary physician for a check up.  Your doctor may perform a rectal exam, or X-ray, to rule out any more serious conditions such as a fracture or tumor.  

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