Why Our Customers Are Raving Fans!

So many business don't answer the phone, don't like sending time answering customer questions and don't think past the immediate sale. And then they wonder why their business does not thrive, or worse, closes its doors.

Miracle Cushion management made a conscious decision when we opened to serve people in a way that we would personally like to be served ourselves.  We are pleased to take calls from people who simply want to ask questions about our products. In fact we are thrilled that you would call us to inquire!  We love to speak to potential customers and, of course, returning customs who have more questions about our gel seal cushions.  We love it when people trust us enough to share their medical conditions with us, as we try to help them find relief and choose the right model. 

So how do we create "raving fans"?  Simple! We treat people the way we want to be treated and go the extra mile to make sure they are completely happy with our product and our service. Here is an example of a customer we turned into a raving fan.

"EVERY business has examples of times where either mistakes were made or all did not run as smoothly as planned. The difference between highly successful companies and mediocre companies is how the problems are dealt with/resolved. In the ordering and receipt process for our first Miracle Cushion, problems were encountered with the shipping company. Miracle Cushion customer service and management went way beyond the call of duty to make sure we received our cushion as quickly as possible. I received immediate, direct communication from customer service and upper management all the way through the successful receipt of my cushion. I know that the resolution of the problem took additional time and money on the part of Miracle Cushion. At every point in the process I felt like I was dealing with a company whose first interest is to make sure I am happy with their product and service - A RARE, FOR THESE DAYS, HIGHLY CUSTOMER-CENTERED COMPANY!! …and, by the way, we think the Miracle Cushion is an excellent product. My wife, for the first time in years post-back surgery, feels she can return in comfort (thanks to the manyfold increase in sitting time afforded by the Miracle Cushion) to classes and seminars, which have been a joyful and interesting activity in her life for so many years. Since the original purchase we have purchased three more Miracle Cushions for ourselves, friends, and family. Thank you Miracle Cushion and we wish you much success in the future with your cushions." .. David

This customer had a problem. He was in the East, from California, and traveling on business accompanied by his wife, who was having pain with all the travelling. We dispatched his cushion by expedited shipping but it never made it to his hotel in time through a carrier mix up. Not our fault, but we tried to fix it! He moved to his next location, so we shipped another cushion and missed him again. So we sent him a third cushion, over-nighted this time to his home in California. He got the cushion and his wife was very pleased.  Result, we lost over $100 on this transaction, but gained a happy, loyal customer who went on to buy more cushions from us and wrote us this wonderful testimonial.

In our view the price of a happy customer is "priceless". Not only do we really enjoy serving people like this but it's just good business.

Miracle Cushion
Miracle Cushion


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