April 25, 2018

15 Years ago...

Critical care clinics in the U.S used a USA made gel cushioning invention called "Intelligel" in their medical mattresses for patients with serious levels of trauma.

Burn patients, coma patients and patients with serious bed sores. Cushioning had to eliminate pressure in order for patients to properly recover and relieve suffering.

After running a clinical study...

Intelligel proved to speed up the healing of stage 4 pressure sores, while providing supreme comfort and pain relief for the patients.

The gel cushion uniquely allows your weight to move sideways, out and away from the body, freeing you from the pressure you would otherwise have to endure with a traditional cushion. It was a huge success in the medical world. And today, we’re one of very few to have this formulation available in our cushions.

We use patented Intelligel cushioning with a column buckling structure in our Miracle Cushion product range.  

Our best customers have often been pilots, bus drivers, long-haul truck drivers, people in wheelchairs and with disabilities. And we’ve received rave reviews describing the level of support and comfort from daily use of our Miracle Cushion.

Have a look at this short article, on how to choose the right therapeutic cushions for you.You can click here and it’ll take you right to our blog on choosing the right therapeutic cushion for you.


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70 reviews

My mum haven't complained of pain since she started using it. She has very llittle mobility so am glad it works

Great product!

Really works

Shireena DeJarnett, Residential Medicla Coordinator

Very comfortable.

Great Cushion! Very Comfortable!

I fly a 767 which is notorious for having uncomfortable pilot seats. With this cushion, I'm able to make long-haul flights without my butt going numb. Very comfortable. Would by it again!!

The Protector Cushion

Great cushion. I'm wheelchair bound but use the cushion on my Lazy Boy where I sit most of the day. Cushion is very comfortable and has made sitting easier all day.