The Protector Cushion

Serious Cushion for Wheelchair, Pain and Pressure Sore risk

Some medical or physical conditions may confine us to one place, or wheelchairs, either temporarily or permanently. Serious medical conditions, or sitting for long periods, command serious comfort to ease pain from confinement, surgery, permanent injury and even paralysis.

The Protector (and "The Adjustable Protector" - see this site) are non-liquid gel seat cushions that are truly effective for sitting long periods and particularly for protection against pressure sore risk.

The Protector, and The Adjustable Protector, feature micro-cell ContourFit™ technology for added comfort. Measuring 2.25", of patented EquaGel™these cushions are constructed in an ingenious design that incorporates two virtual layers in one, which provides for the perfect combination of a high level comfort layer with a durable support layer with no risk of separation. These cushions are not only comfortable but need no adjustment and are highly durable, lasting many years.

Highly recommended for people who are at risk of pressure ulcers.

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My mum haven't complained of pain since she started using it. She has very llittle mobility so am glad it works

The Protector Cushion

Great cushion. I'm wheelchair bound but use the cushion on my Lazy Boy where I sit most of the day. Cushion is very comfortable and has made sitting easier all day.

Review The Protector Cushion

Personally I think the material quality is very good one but my brother who needs to use it feels a bit high when sitting on it as it causes his pain neck a bit.


I have not used it as I needed a larger size as I am not yet rady to evaluate.

Saved us!

My husband is 95 and had several bouts with hospital which ended in his being on Hospice at home in bed and in a wheelchair when up. He is/was incontinent and yet he did slowly begin to improve.. Finally he began to spend more and more time in his wheelchair. Being very cerebral, he is happiest when he is sitting at his computer in his wheelchair, researching the news, reading e-books and sometimes watching films. Just when we felt that all the deterioration was being turned around, I found a stage 2 pressure ulcer on his buttocks in the area of one "sit bone" He had a wheelchair cushion which had helped him before, but now it was failing him. It simply could not protect Bob due to his de-conditioned state. I was scared. I am a nurse and had tried to prevent a pressure ulcer, but it did happen anyway. So, I ran to my computer and researched pillows for wheelchairs. I found your website and the wc pillows. I sent for one and it arrived very quickly.. I had neglected to measure our wheelchair and so when the pillow came, it was a bit narrow. I called and left a message. The call was returned very fast and the staff was exceedingly nice and polite. They mailed the correct-sized pillow immediately and I received it the very next day. The service was superb. Bob has not had any complaints of pain on that side of his buttocks since he began with your wonderful pillow. His stage 2 ulcer has disappeared. My own panic has also disappeared with the progress of his healing. I can never give you enough thanks for inventing such an ingenious pillow, nor can I thank you enough for the gentle and speedy service with which our needs were met. Bob continues to improve and I know that because of your pillow we can both relax and experience his continuing improvement with confidence in the future. Thank you.


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The General Cushion

Pretty good

Decent cushion. Not as good as inflatable cushion, but 1/4 of the price of inflatable cushion.

The Straight Comfort
very comfortable

I got it for my father, who is wheelchair bound. He says it is very comfortable. Love the velcro attachment and washable cover. Hoping it helps prevent his pressure sore from becoming worse.

Best Cushion Ever!!

I have tried many, many different cushions. I have pain when traveling and this cushion has been a lifesaver. This is actually the second cushion I have purchased. Customer service was outstanding as well!!!