About Us

Our Mission

Our purpose is to give you the best sitting experience possible. Free of pain, discomfort and pressure.

Miracle Cushion specializes in state-of-the-art advanced cushioning technology that has been proven effective in either a personal or medical environment. We manufacture the finest cushion products available using proven innovative technology. Our founders have been involved with these unique and amazing cushioning products for over 10 years and have successfully introduced them to several international markets.

We understand the physical dynamics of cushioning and why Miracle Cushion is so superior. We welcome your questions about any of our products. We know that many people suffer pain when seated for even short periods of time. Fortunately much of this pain can be relieved with the right cushioning technology. Our mission is to relieve your pain and give you a comfortable sitting experience.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

The Founders

Miracle Cushion was founded by husband and wife team David and Nadine Malpas. As personal friends of the inventors of the incredible column buckling cushioning technology David and Nadine recognized the huge potential of these cushions and could clearly see the benefits they would bring to so many people suffering pain while sitting. Nadine has since passed away and David has involved some of his adult children in various capacities to help run and grow the business in the US and in Australia.

David Malpas.   Founder, President and CEO

Dayna Hoke CS Manager

Dayne Hoke.  Customer Services Manager. Co-ordinates all US shipping, returns and customer satisfaction issues


Aussie crew

Christopher Malpas runs operations for our Australia office, including shipping and logistics. 

Lauren Harrison is in charge of SEO and social media marketing.

Guy Malpas is the manager of off-line sales in the Australia office.

Our goal is to provide not only the best cushion available anywhere in the world but to supply it with friendly, effective service with your total satisfaction in mind. Please let me know if we ever don't live up to our goals!  

Feel free to call us direct with any questions you have. We love to hear from our customers.  And please, let us know your story and how these cushions have helped you.