1) How durable is the gel?

The gel in Miracle Cushion products has been used in sleeping mattresses for many years both in home and hospital/medical use. It is highly durable and never takes a compression set (does not lose its shape) under normal use conditions.

2) Is the gel hypo allergenic?

Yes. It has no allergens.

3) What is the gel made of?

The patented formula is a trade secret (like Coca Cola) but we can tell you the main ingredient is food grade mineral oil. The other ingredients are all food grade. So it is natural, completely harmless and environmentally friendly.

4) Can the gel be recycled?

Yes, in fact we recycle all the time/ there is zero waste in the factory?

5) Is the gel odorless?

Yes. It has no smell whatsoever.

6) Does it feel greasy to the touch?

No. In fact the gel feels really nice to the touch. When we give samples to people they can’t put it down!

7) Does it get softer with heat, like Memory Foam?

No.  Miracle Cushion gel is not heat sensitive. It remains the same cold or warm. It does not need to become warm to feel nice either. It gives maximum cushioning immediately at any temperature.

8) Does if get softer over time?

Very slightly. The gel retains its shape and structure and will soften just a little over time, maybe 5%. However, it will not lose its shape, get granular or get squishy, or lose its shape or its cushioning, like other materials or foams.

9) Does it come with a cover?

All models come with a washable black fabric cover with built in carry handle.

10) Can I use my cushion in my car?

Yes, of course. Thousands of people do every day, all over the world. We do suggest that if you leave the cushion in a closed car in very high temperatures it is wise to cool the cushion before sitting on it. Very high car temperatures can make the gel soft and therefore could possibly deform your cushion if sat upon when hot and soft. Miracle Cushion does not accept responsibility for damaged cushions due to heat.

11) Can I wash the gel component?

Yes, the gel can be cleaned. Take it out of the cover and hand wash it in warm water using a very mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Do NOT use any oil/petro based cleaners as this will react with the gel and damage it.