Miracle Cushion gel seat cushions, made from an advanced and exclusive gel formula can be used almost anywhere. Our customers have used their seat cushions for many varied purposes including:

Being highly durable Miracle Cushion gel seat cushions can be used anywhere.

They are used extensively in the home and office as kitchen seat cushions or office seat cushions. Being portable they can be used when traveling as car seat cushions, in airplanes, airline terminals and taxis. Many people use them at sporting events on stadium and bleacher seats. Miracle Cushion, being a gel pad cushion allows you to sit for long periods on hard and cold seats in comfort. These gel pad cushions are also excellent as outdoor seat cushions and are being used as patio seat cushions and even sitting on the ground at outdoor events. The cushion gel used in Miracle Cushion is not affected by moisture or extreme cold.

We also sell thousands as wheelchair seat cushions for high level comfort sitting over long periods, and as coccyx cushion to relieve painful tailbones. One of our customers has even cut his to fit and used it as motorcycle seat cushions and we have even heard of them being used on a horse saddle.

Portable (all models have built in carry handles) and durable, Miracle Cushions can be used just about anywhere your bottom needs to rest.