Car Seat Cushion from Miracle Cushion

The Miracle Cushion, gel seat cushions, are terrific in any motor vehicle to make short or long trips more comfortable.

Professional semi-truck drivers, taxi drivers and moms and Dads have found that our cushions can enhance their driving experience. Over long trips, long hours sitting in an uncomfortable car seat can significantly decrease your energy level making you feel more tired . than you need to be. Pain or discomfort while driving can seriously increase fatigue. 

These amazing gel seat cushions, from Miracle Cushion, by design, offer incredible pressure point relief for distance drivers trying to make it to their destination in better comfort and with fewer stops. Now everyone can ride in supreme comfort, cut down on 'stretch' stops and better enjoy your driving experience.

 The column buckling technology used by Miracle Cushion is found extensively in hospital and medical environments and has been proven for durability so your car seat cushion will provide many years of effective use. Great value for a gel car seat cushion!

They are completely odorless and non-toxic so they are safe to use in confined spaces, like cars. And no smell either!  All Miracle Cushions are vented by design and are heat neutral. So they won't accumulate heat or make your legs feel hot and sweaty. Each cushion comes with a zippered and fully washable fabric cover so you can keep them clean and fresh.

Whether you're commuting from home to work, driving delivery trucks, big rigs, or never leave the interstate, you deserve to drive comfortably. Designed to combine maximum comfort with full support, even for weightier folks, these cushions will feel great on your longest drives or just around the corner!

So if you're planning that family vacation and the thought of long hours behind the wheel with an aching "rear end", and making excessive stops due to lack of comfort, is discouraging, then take along a Miracle Cushion gel seat cushion and see just how great your body feels after many hours on the road. Don't forget your passengers! Pack one of these incredible car seat cushions for everyone. When you get to your destination, these gel cushions are fully portable, with a built in carry handle, so you can take them wherever you go, including inside sporting events, restaurants and movie theaters.

Don't wait any longer to relieve your driving discomfort. Review our cushions and choose the ones that best suit your needs.