Outdoor Chair Cushions by Miracle Cushion

While everyone loves getting together with friends and family and eating "al fresco" it can be difficult when comfortable chairs aren't available to offer your guests. The hardness of wood and plastic chairs can make wonderful outdoor gatherings turn dismal. Unless, of course, you have a Miracle Cushion gel chair cushion. 

What sets Miracle Cushion apart from similar outdoor chair cushions? Our enhanced gel formula provides an unparalelled sitting experience. By its design, using patented column buckling technology, instead of forces pushing back when sitting on hard chair cushions, our gel formula displaces your body weight out and away from your body and concentrates on eliminating pressure points which cause discomfort when sitting for long periods of time or on hard surfaces.

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Miracle Cushion works in all environments outdoors, whether you're ready to read an exciting book on your patio, relax in style while lounging by the pool or just catching some rays on your front porch. Thanks to scientifically based engineering that pinpoints common pressure points you can now worry less about your seat and concentrate on enjoying your time outdoors and entertaining.

Cool to the touch, non-allergenic and designed by aerospace materials engineers, our seat cushions also work wonderfully as kneel pads while gardening. For those with bad knees, gardening used to be painful or require frequent breaks. With our perfectly designed gel cushions, kneeling for extended periods of time isn't problematic.

Finally, blood vessels can actually get pinched when sitting on hard, flat surfaces. Our carefully engineered outdoor seat cushions help blood circulate properly by not confining your blood vessels to tight spaces. After years of study, Miracle Cushion finally formed an incredible product for men, women, folks in wheel chairs and workers with extensive sit down hours at the office.

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Tired of discomfort and pain associated with sitting outdoors? Ready for some real comfort? 

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