Why our cushions work better

Many people ask why our gel seat cushions are so comfortable and why they simply work better than all other cushions they have tried. The answer lies in some very simple but very advanced technology.

Older, more traditional, cushioning materials, such as springs, foam (including memory foam), air and water, all operate under a principle of physics called the "spring constant law". This means that as your body pushes into the cushioning the cushioning pushes back at you in an equal and opposite reaction. Simple physics, right? Well, this creates pressure points and ultimately, discomfort. By the very nature of its physical properties traditional cushioning must operate under the "spring constant law". However, the Miracle Cushion advanced formula gel (sometimes referred to as Ortho Gel or Intelli-gel), by the nature of its design, operates under a different principle. This principle is called "column buckling" and is an engineering concept.

What that means to you is the cushion won't compress and "push back". Weight is evenly distributed out and away from your body. This means that there is almost no return pressure. Blood vessels are not compressed and blood flow is not restricted. It all adds up to a very comfortable sitting experience in almost any situation, even for long periods of time.

Column-buckling gel technology was first introduced into the hospital and medical industry, in mattresses, in the late 90's providing real pressure equalization. The medical community hailed it as a technological miracle in both pain relief and therapeutic care. It became the much sought after option for burn victims, coma patients, geriatric patients and paraplegics: in fact, anyone bed-ridden or in a wheelchair for long periods of time, making them prone to conditions such as pressure ulcers (bed sores) and blood clots. This amazing patented technology has now been transferred to gel seat cushions with equally impressive results.

Add to that the other natural properties of our gel, such as being non-allergenic, non-toxic, totally odorless, pleasant to the touch, heat neutral and environmentally friendly and you have the perfect cushion product.