What are our cushions made of and why are they superior?

Our cushions are unique by formula and design.  

All Miracle Cushion gel seat cushions, are made from a space-age co-polymer cushioning material, structured in a unique way, markedly different to anything else available anywhere. It is this combination of gel formula and design that defines why our products are quickly being recognized as the seat cushion made for serious comfort and pain relief. 

The gel used in Miracle Cushion products, is a highly advanced space age co-polymer designed by very experienced aerospace engineers, who have specialized for many years in cushioning technologies.  The formula itself, is a closely guarded trade secret, like Coca-Cola. Many have tried to imitate it but all have failed miserably. 

A precise combination of the gel and the "column buckling" structure is the key to the success of these incredible gel seat cushions. 

 No matter what your sitting comfort issues are, the gel cushion products we provide stand far above the competition in terms of superior performance, effectiveness, durability and overall comfort.