Miracle Cushion

Where Quality Meets Comfort

There's absolutely no comparison in cushion comfort where Miracle Cushion is concerned.

 Also called Ortho Gel or Intelli-gel, this material is arguably the most advanced gel type seat and wheelchair cushion available.

These cushions are totally different than anything else available anywhere and offer everyone, young or old, with pressure point eliminating comfort and support that lasts for hours on end, regardless how hard the surface underneath you. Terrific for people who sit for long hours.

Traditional foam, memory foam, air, springs, traditional fillers and similar "harsh" materials compress when you sit on them and "push back" like a spring. "Push back" creates pressure and over time is the main cause of discomfort in cushions. This means longer periods of sitting time will cause compression against muscles and blood vessels, causing discomfort, and even pain, in your rear end, tailbone and possibly lower back regions, and offer little for long-term comfort. Durable and conforming to your body weight, the Miracle Cushion gel seat and wheelchair cushion offers what other chair cushions cannot give: patented column-buckling engineering which essentially reverses gravity.

Pressure causing "push back" is the enemy of sitting comfortably.  Pressure is not only uncomfortable but can also inhibit blood flow to muscles and in extreme cases cause painful pressure sores, or ulcers. With Miracle Cushion advanced cushion technology, perfectly designed gel columns will buckle, redistributing your body weight to nearby gel columns. Your weight is actually distributed sideways, out and away from your body. This virtually eliminates pressure thus reducing discomfort and pain. And, naturally, blood flow is not inhibited reducing the risk of pressure sores.

The cushioning comfort Miracle Cushion offers is immediate, meaning there's no need to wait for body heat to warm the cushions, unlike memory foam.  Miracle Cushion is heat neutral and cushions just the same through normal temperature ranges.  It's a highly effective solution to sitting discomfort, even over long periods. Another benefit is that it will never noticeably soften or lose its cushioning ability. Even over years of use. Miracle Cushion offers an incredible overall sitting experience and value for money.

Miracle Cushion was developed by aerospace materials engineers, who now specialize in industrial and residential cushioning technology, It is widely used in hospital and residential mattresses, shoe insoles, sporting equipment and many other commercial and consumer products because of its effective performance and its ability to hold shape. Tens of thousands of people all over the world testify to the benefits of these advanced gel seat and wheelchair cushions. You, too, can also benefit from the comfort and relief this product will bring.

You can use our cushions anywhere you sit. Automobiles, airplanes, terminals, offices, home, theater, wheelchairs, church, schools, stadiums, conference centers, and in fact anywhere you need to sit on a hard surface and/or over long periods.

Professional truckers have found that using a Miracle Cushion advanced formula gel seat and wheelchair cushion can make their life so much more enjoyable. Spending long hours in semi-truck cabs can be an uncomfortable and even painful experience. These Miracle Cushions make long-distance trips not only more bearable, but even comfortable.  People have used them in golf carts, canoes, at picnic tables and anywhere they sit and need comfort.

Each cushion has a built in carry handle to make them conveniently portable.

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