Comfort King

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You asked for it! You got it! 

We now have that terrific combination of size, depth and price that you all have been asking for. This deep general purpose cushion is an ideal 17.5” wide and 15.5” deep and 2.5” thick, fitting just about seating situation for people looking for a deeper cushion. It also has the sculpted surface to help you stay centered and comfortable on the cushion, additionally taking pressure off the coccyx area. 

Made from Miracle Cushion's Ultimate Collection Micro-cell ™ non-liquid gel technology which allows the user to softly sink into the cushion with every gel cell snugly contouring your individual body shape.

The ingenious "two layers in one" design allows for a top layer that has smaller thin walled cells for maximum softness and comfort. In comparison, the bottom has larger thicker walled cells supporting your weight for maximum support.  Most importantly, the latest development in patented “column buckling” technology ensures weight is transferred out and away from the user and does not push back like traditional cushioning materials. The result is a surprisingly comfortable sitting experience that will keep you happy even over long periods.

This cushion is recommended for people who spend long periods of time sitting and need serious pressure relief with a high level of comfort, and at the same time, needing a regular sized cushion a little deeper than most.

It is made from the same gel formulation as our medical grade seat cushions, based on years of research and customer feedback.  Composed of a highly durable, space age, non-liquid co-polymer gel, this cushion will provide cushioning like no other material ever made.

Unlike memory foam, Miracle Cushion non-liquid gel is not temperature sensitive and gives immediate comfort, not needing to warm up to become comfortable.  In fact, comfort is immediate at any temperature. Being heat neutral it does not retain heat like memory foam. Also, by design, it is vented which allows air to flow freely through the cushion keeping it cool and dry. No more hot sweaty bottoms!!   It provides a high level of comfort even over long periods of sitting.

Highly Durable and Convenient

Miracle Cushion Ultimate Collection non-liquid gel formula is unlike any other cushioning material ever invented and is superior in every way. Unlike foam it is highly durable and never loses it shape, never loses its cushioning and never deteriorates. It is a long lasting investment in your health and comfort.

The Comfort King is an excellent combination of size, functionality and design.  It has a built in carry handle in the washable, black fabric, zippered cover and is highly portable able to go anywhere you go. The non-slip base keeps it firmly in place.

I personally guarantee the Comfort King. If you don't like it for any reason simply return it for a full product refund.
David Malpas - President - Miracle Cushion LLC
  • Super soft at 2.5” deep and extremely comfortable while maintaining full support
  • Flat top surface allows the cushion to be rotated and used in any direction
  • Features all new "two layers in one", column buckling, cushioning technology to provide extra pressure relief while not compromising anything on support
  • 17.5” x 15.5” x 2.5” with washable, zippered, cover with built in carry handle with non-slip base
  • Highly portable
  • The same Ultimate Collection gel formulation feels warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Highly durable - will never soften or flatten and will last for many years without degrading
  • Provides serious pressure relief and comfort even when sitting for extensive periods

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