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Multi-Purpose Lumbar and Neck Support Cushion  - USED



Ok, how many times have you needed just that little extra lower back support?  Or the chair you are sitting in just does not fit the contours of YOUR body?   And, over time, the pain and discomfort builds and you have to get up and walk around. You know what I mean, don't you?  Well, problem solved!  

Soft, supportive and really comfortable, the Multi-Purpose Lumbar and Neck Support Cushion is a wonderful multi-purpose addition to the Miracle Cushion seat cushion range. Tuck it behind your lower back and feel it contour to YOUR shape, softly filling that gap between you and the chair. Using the same “column buckling” technology as our other non-liquid gel seat cushion products, proven over years of use, the Multi-Purpose is excellent for anywhere you need support at your lower back or behind your neck.

"Purchased this cushion after it was recommended to me by a doctor. I had lumbar disc surgery and needed added support while in the car. This gel cushion does a wonderful job in allowing me to rest my lower back against something that molds to the backs contour, rather than press against and cause painful pressure points to occur".  (RSM)

Perfect for long drives or those hours you sit in the office or at your computer.  Also excellent for traveling in airplanes, cars or other vehicles where you need good back or neck support.

"Omg I'm in love! I fractured my back 3 weeks ago by falling off a horse and this thing is amazing!!! Exactly what I was looking for to use under my lumbar while laying on my back when I go to sleep. Perfect height, awesome support, super comfortable! Love love love".   (LDG)

This cushion features the latest in Miracle Cushion's “2 layers in one” non-liquid gel technology utilizing patented "column buckling" technology.  While actually molded in one piece this ingenious design allows for smaller, softer, columns directly next to your body to give you maximum comfort, while at the same time larger, stronger cells underneath provide all the support you need.

"EASILY a 5-star+ product. This arrived just in time for an 11-hour round trip drive from Southern California to Las Vegas, and boy did it feel good. Honestly, I've tried a bunch of lumbar supports for the long drives I have to frequently take, and most of them disappoint so I wasn't expecting much out of this one. It was so nice to be so pleasantly surprised. My back wasn't aching, and it actually felt good, even after sitting non-stop for hours. Anyone who has a history of lower back pain, do yourself a favor and give this lumbar support cushion a try. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. However I would have paid a small fortune well above and beyond the retail price to get one of these earlier because I really don't have words to describe how good it feels". (DG)

Light and portable it comes with a black fabric washable cover. Slip it in your laptop case, backpack or carry on for travel. Drop it on your office chair or your recliner. Take it to the movies, conferences, or on your car seat. Works anywhere you need lower back or neck support.

Size is approx. 14.5” x 9” x 2.25”

I personally guarantee this lumbar cushion. If you don't like it for any reason simply return it for a full product refund".
David Malpas - President - Miracle Cushion LLC

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My mum haven't complained of pain since she started using it. She has very llittle mobility so am glad it works

Great product!

Really works

Shireena DeJarnett, Residential Medicla Coordinator

Very comfortable.

Great Cushion! Very Comfortable!

I fly a 767 which is notorious for having uncomfortable pilot seats. With this cushion, I'm able to make long-haul flights without my butt going numb. Very comfortable. Would by it again!!

The Protector Cushion

Great cushion. I'm wheelchair bound but use the cushion on my Lazy Boy where I sit most of the day. Cushion is very comfortable and has made sitting easier all day.