Do you need a seat cushion that is very comfortable AND does not raise you too high in the seat?  .......... "comfort with a low profile"Excellent in motor vehicles for tall folks, who might have limited headroom. Also highly popular in any office situation.

Portable with a built in carry handle.

  • Heat neutral - it does not have to warm up to feel great. Comfort is immediate in any       temperature.
  • Naturally vented it never gets "hot and sweaty" keeping your body cool, dry and comfortable
  • Amazing durability - never goes flat, never takes a compression set, never loses its cushioning 
  • Washable, zippered black fabric cover
  • Excellent for office workers, home use, driving, airline pilots, doctors, computer operators.....any sitting situation.
  • 17.5"  x  15.5"  x  2"

The Optima is great at home, office or vehicle and traveling.  It comes with a black fabric, washable cover with a built in carry handle. This cushion is extremely durable and will last for many years without losing any of its softness or support. It never goes flat and never takes a compression set. 

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