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Sitting over long periods of time can be an ordeal for some of us. Especially for those with a little weight. That's where the SUPREME can help!  The SUPREME seat cushion is one of our premier models in our Miracle Cushion range and has been one of our most popular and best selling cushions for years. 

It provides a great comfortable feel while providing better than average support that will not fail!

"I purchased this cushion for my back. I recently had my 5th lower back surgery. I use this in my chair at work. It is very comfortable and helps relieve pressure on my lower back while seated. Thank You very much". (Kristi K)

All our products are made in the Rocky Mountains, USA, using patented "column buckling" non-liquid gel technology.

The Supreme is well sized for most people at approximately 16" x 18" x 2". 


  • Fully portable with a built in carry handle
  • Excellent for heavier folks
  • Very supportive while still soft and comfy at the same time
  • Heat neutral - it does not have to warm up to feel great. Comfort is immediate in any temperature.
  • Naturally vented it never gets "hot and sweaty" keeping your body cool, dry and comfortable
  • Amazing durability - never goes flat, never takes a compression set, never loses its cushioning 
  • Washable, zippered black fabric cover
  • "Great quality, and AMERICAN MADE! This definitely helps me while I am sitting at work for 9 hours at a time". (Cheyenne G)

    Featuring 2" of Miracle Cushion this non-liquid gel seat cushion provides supreme comfort. Perfect for your home and office, vehicles, wheelchairs and is widely used among big rig truckers and professional drivers.

    "This is so awesome on our long trips! It sets you up higher in the seat too, which i find helps me drive my husbands truck". (Pam R)

    "I personally guarantee the Supreme. If you don't like it for ANY reason just return it in new condition for a full product refund".
    David Malpas - President

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    • Approximately 16" x 18" x 2"
    • 2" of advanced formula Wondergel Ultimate
    • Tough and durable it will not lose its shape, or its support
    • Includes an easily removed black fabric, washable, cover with a non-slip base
    • Has an in-built handy carry handle
    • Non-allergenic and non-toxic.
    • It is odorless, eco-friendly and recyclable
    • Perfect for use in your home, office or vehicle, or any hard chair or surface
    • Made in the USA

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