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I don't know about you but when I travel I have significant rear end pain.  But who wants to lug around a large and heavy cushion on an airplane or in the car?  That's why we developed the Traveler!  The Miracle Cushion Traveler was our original offering and is your perfect and "must have" travel companion.

"This is the best cushion for sciatica and lumbar disc herniation. We traveled 1300 miles in our car with the cushion and was pain free!  I have told numerous friends about this and so far 3 have ordered cushions and not sure about two more people we met in Pennsylvania and told.  Keep up the good work".  (SH)

This super comfortable, lightweight, non-liquid gel travel seat cushion gives you great comfort on trains, planes and automobiles even if you travel long distance. In fact, this cushion is simply indispensable on long airplane flights. Especially if you travel "coach" - it will make all the difference!!!  And don't forget to take one to the game......fabulous on stadium seats and those impossibly hard bleachers.  And what about those plastic conference chairs?

My daughter and I attended a convention at the Georgia Dome this past weekend. The seats we sat in were made of hard plastic and were very unfriendly to the behind. We used Traveller gel seat cushions for three days for at 6-7 hours of sitting each day, minus restroom breaks. At only 1" thick they were surprisingly effective in providing comfort. I tend to get restless after a couple of hours of sitting, even in cushioned seats, but I know that I would have been pulling my hair out within the first two hours without these cushions! They were not perfect as I still got a little restless at the end of each day (I have poor circulation in my legs). However, these cushions made it so that I could pay attention to the material and maintain my sanity. The stiffness in my behind was greatly reduced. (BJ)

Made entirely from the new enhanced Ultimate Collection non-liquid gel. Although everyone knows that traditional Miracle Cushion cushion material is simply amazing this new formula gel has some great advantages. It is significantly lighter in weight which makes it even more perfect for traveling.

It comes standard with a washable fabric cover and built in carry handle so its super portable and convenient. Fits right into a laptop case, backpack or your carry on luggage.

"Also note worthy was that these gel cushions were small enough to pack in a bag (yet large enough to cover the seat) and light enough to carry long distances. I gave it 5 stars because I won't forget to bring my cushion to future events like this. It made that much of a difference for me. My 14 year old daughter also experienced the value of having this cushion. She brought hers with her each day and used it the entire weekend. She, too, was grateful to have a Miracle Cushion seat cushion. Thank you for providing a great product...our bottoms thank you!" (BJ)

The cushion is vented by design and does not accumulate heat. The non-liquid gel material does not retain heat and the vented column construction allows air to flow freely, keeping the cushion cool and dry, even under trying conditions. Considered temperature neutral it does not get "hot and sweaty" like memory foam, and feels great in all climates. 

Miracle Cushion has proven itself to be a superior cushioning material, time and time again, both by its structure and patented non-liquid gel formulation. Proven in medical applications it provides an amazing sitting experience. The science behind its design does not allow for "push back" which is what makes a cushion uncomfortable over time. Traditional cushioning materials compress and push back against the user, squeezing muscles and capillaries and reducing blood flow. This creates uncomfortable pressure points which build up over time. Miracle Cushion is different. Patented "column buckling" technology takes body weight and distributes it sideways against the adjoining supporting columns. This means pressure is dispersed out and away from the body and not back up against it making for much more comfortable sitting even over very long periods of time. This principle works equally well for both heavy and lighter weight people.

This cushion is great at home, office, airplane or vehicle and is simply perfect for travelling. At 13" x 15" x 1" it can be easily fold or "stuffed" into a laptop case, carry-on luggage or backpack. Or simply carry it by its built in handle. Perfect in autos, airplanes, terminals, stadiums, conferences and sports arenas. Anywhere you go, the Traveler can come too!


I personally guarantee the Traveler. If you don't like it for any reason simply return it for a full product refund.
David Malpas - President - Miracle Cushion
  • Made from the new Ultimate Collection enhanced formula gel
  • Deceptively comfortable for a 1" cushion
  • Eliminates push back and, therefore, pressure points
  • Extremely durable – it will never lose its cushioning ability or take a "compression set" (go flat or lose its shape)
  • Approximately 13 x 15 x 1"
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Comes standard with a black fabric washable cover
  • Built in fabric carry handle makes it easy to tote
  • An excellent low profile travelling cushion
  • Durable – will last for many years
  • Spare covers are available as an added option

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