Adjustable Protector Cushion

The Adjustable Protector is a superior medical grade gel seat cushion.  It has all the features of the Protector and has the same size and dimensions. However, it has some noticeable enhancements and additions to provide a personal level of adjustment.

Included are two separate pelvic contour inserts that you can use to increase the amount of therapeutic non-liquid gel under the pelvis. It allows for multiple choices increasing the gel depth from 1 ¾" to 2", 2 ¼", or 2 ½" deep. The inserts are found inside the fabric pocket inside the cover and are placed beneath the cushion.

Users may customize their cushion by using no insert, or only the thin, or only the thick, or perhaps both inserts.

Like the Protector, The Adjustable Protector is a serious cushion for people seeking comfort with above normal pressure relief ....and who are at medium to high risk of pressure sores........ or who already have pressure ulcers.

People who have already developed pressure sores will especially find great comfort and relief and possibly some healing benefit.

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