The General Cushion

The Equagel™ General gel seat cushion is a very affordable medical grade non-liquid gel seat cushion that is extremely comfortable. It is 2" in depth with a sculpted pelvic bucket, which helps you stay placed just where you need it.

It is very protective of soft tissue helping to prevent pressure sores.

This is a highly effective general purpose cushion for individuals, or care facilities, wanting a versatile cushion. 

This cushion is extremely resilient and will never lose its shape or cushioning ability. It will not go flat or become materially softer over time.

Naturally vented it does not accumulate heat or moisture, keeping the body cool, dry and comfortable.

Equagel™ works differently than traditional cushion materials. Please refer to our page WHY OUR CUSHION WORKS BETTER which explains the "column buckling" technology and how it works so well.

The General is ideal for people seeking great comfort and relief at the same time, and who may be at low to medium risk of developing pressure sores. Great for long periods of sitting!


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