The Straight Comfort

The Straight Comfort is a medical grade seat cushion without a high price tag. It has 1 ¾ inches of supremely comfortable and highly tissue protecting cushioning which provides an amazing comfort level.

The Straight Comfort is a versatile cushion for individuals or assisted living and care facilities requiring an effective cushion for multiple users.  It has a flat top surface which means it can be rotated as needed.

Body areas likely to develop pressure sores float almost pressure-free within the cushion itself while the users weight is evenly distributed across the cushion.

Traditional cushions compress when sat upon and therefore push back causing pressure and reducing blood flow. This puts the user at risk of developing a pressure sore. Air cushions share the same limitation. Miracle Cushion, on the other hand, is an effective strategy to prevent sores in the first place and to assist healing them when they have occurred.

EquaGel™ is a high-tech dry-polymer gel with incredible durability. The cushioning technology is the patented "column buckling" technology which has been proven over many years in hospital and medical use. Equagel™ is unique in its ability to pass weight out and away from the body. When applied to seat cushions pressure points "buckle" into the cushion without "pushback" while supporting evenly. This eliminates pressure points and the dangers of reduced blood flow.

Using Equagel™ gel seat cushions, users can sit more comfortably, and safer, for much longer periods.

In clinical trials, ten out of ten patients with stage 3 ulcers saw closure of their sores with the aid of our gel "column buckling" technology. It has been widely used, worldwide, in wound care as a critical care hospital and medical mattress. The fully patented technology is an approved medical surface in both the US and Canada.

This cushion is best suited to people in need of high comfort levels combined with pressure relief, and who are at low to medium risk of pressure sores.

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