The Protector Cushion

Serious Cushion for Wheelchair, Pain and Pressure Sore risk

Some medical or physical conditions may confine us to one place, or wheelchairs, either temporarily or permanently. Serious medical conditions, or sitting for long periods, command serious comfort to ease pain from confinement, surgery, permanent injury and even paralysis.

The Protector (and "The Adjustable Protector" - see this site) are non-liquid gel seat cushions that are truly effective for sitting long periods and particularly for protection against pressure sore risk.

The Protector, and The Adjustable Protector, feature micro-cell ContourFit™ technology for added comfort. Measuring 2.25", of patented EquaGel™these cushions are constructed in an ingenious design that incorporates two virtual layers in one, which provides for the perfect combination of a high level comfort layer with a durable support layer with no risk of separation. These cushions are not only comfortable but need no adjustment and are highly durable, lasting many years.

Highly recommended for people who are at risk of pressure ulcers.


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